About CSR

CSR, Incorporated, is a diverse employee-owned company with a strong background providing dynamic services across government, private, and nonprofit sectors. In business for almost 40 years, CSR has always been committed to our clients’ needs  and to being a partner for go-to solutions.  Although the clients we have served have changed over the years, our company’s work ethic remains strong.  CSR’s employee-owners work diligently to create solutions to address our clients’ needs in a timely manner.

CSR’s History

Founded in 1978, CSR provides research, logistical,  and administrative solutions to various agencies within the federal government and nonprofit sectors. Our skills and capabilities are as multifaceted as today’s business environment and include:

  • Research and Analysis
    CSR staff have expertise to perform both primary and secondary research and analysis, depending on the clients’ needs. CSR performs tasks in the areas of (1) maintenance and extension of data banks, (2) data analysis, (3) survey support services, (4) technical assistance and reference services, and (5) access to research experts. When undertaking primary research, CSR staff members work closely with clients to collect the raw data, organize the data, describe the data, and determine what information is revealed.  They then prepare a narrative designed to answer the client’s questions in formats ranging from summary tables to large reports. By using the appropriate research techniques, CSR professionals  create industry specific forecasts that describe the state of an industry’s environment. For secondary research projects, CSR determines the most relevant resources, including surveys and other data sources, and prepares reports or literature reviews.
  • Program and Project Management
    CSR’s program and project management experience focuses on meeting and exceeding client expectations and completing tasks on time and within budget. This involves close adherence to the statement of work to manage tasks appropriately and ensure that CSR staff perform all duties as required, employ quality control techniques, anticipate problems to prevent them when possible and address then if they occur, report the status of deliverables at various points, and redefine benchmarks when necessary.  Throughout the process, CSR program and project managers create flexible work plans that provide insight and guidance.
  • Grants Management
    Working jointly with clients that administer funding in the form of grants, CSR aids in efforts to exercise just and fiduciary responsibility of this funding. This involves ensuring that grantees handle administrative tasks appropriately, complete reporting requirements, and implement programs as stated in grant applications.  Additionally, CSR provides support to clients in creating program benchmarks, maximizing efforts for agencies and grantees alike.CSR works with clients to attain measurable solutions that take into account mitigating factors.  These efforts include delivering detailed reports integrating complex data that allow decision makers to evaluate the results of the grant funding and determine a program’s success or failure.
  • Data Collection and Analysis
    CSR gathers and measures information to provide credible answers.  To collect this data, CSR staff compose and distribute surveys, hold interviews, and convene focus groups.  They then record, organize, and translate the raw data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.   This analysis gives clients the information they need to develop policy or make decisions.
  • Training and Technical Assistance
    CSR staff provide training and technical assistance to a variety of clients so their designated recipients can develop practical skills or specialized knowledge.  To this end, CSR staff hold live training sessions via online Webinars or in-person events, staff help desks offering telephone and e-mail assistance, host workshops, and attend conferences.  CSR also creates and distributes guidelines, frequently asked questions, user manuals, and literature reviews.
  • Applications and Web Development
    CSR designs interactive websites and web applications that cater to customer’s program, communication, security, and IT needs. We provide a collaborative environment employing a comprehensive process that stresses efficiency and responsiveness for our clients.
  • Performance Measurement and Evaluation
    CSR has the capability to develop an online data collection tool tailored to a client’s needs. It can track program benchmarks, assess programmatic success, and provide performance measurement services.  Clients have used this data collection tool for grants management, and CSR staff provide expert analysis of the results to determine program efficiency. CSR supports the online tool with maintenance and user training.
  • Communications
    CSR writers and editors are skilled in communicating with an array of audiences through a range of vehicles, including journals, booklets, fact sheets, monographs, Web content, e-pubs, videos, blogs, educational materials, and social media posts. CSR also ensures that materials meet plain language standards and that online materials are 508 compliant.

    • Science and Technical Writing
      CSR writers and editors take a methodical approach to preparing, planning, and writing scientific and technical materials. They determine the audience—scientific researchers, academics, the general public, youth, low-literacy adults, non-English speakers—and write to that level. They are skilled at synthesizing and translating highly technical information into reports designed for a nontechnical audience, writing original stories on relevant medical studies for health-related newsletters and blogs, and co-editing articles with client researchers for peer-reviewed journals.
    • Marketing Communications
      CSR’s marketing communications focus on place, price, promotion, and product.  These communications include direct marketing campaigns, sponsorship vehicles, and marketing channels such as  Web sites and social media outlets.
  • Conferences, Events, and Meetings
    CSR can serve as a one-stop source for clients to plan and manage meetings, training events, press receptions and award programs, and international symposia for a range of participants, including health scientists and clinical researchers, criminal justice practitioners, educators, drug and alcohol abuse prevention specialists, social workers, environmental planners, child care providers, and legislators.CSR conference and meeting services include:

    • Conducting site searches, inspections, and selections, and performing contract negotiations;
    • Managing travel and hotel accommodations for event participants;
    • Developing agendas, arranging speakers, and handling meal logistics;
    • Providing support for audiovisual services, establishing Web registration, and arranging for meeting note takers and writers;
    • Setting up online registration with prompt confirmation and 24/7 management, reporting, and up-to-the minute event details; and
    • Knowing General Service Administration guidelines for per diem across the continental United States and abroad.

    As a client-driven and focused organization, every day we work to provide solutions that ultimately improve our way of life.  CSR is in the business of providing better solutions to comply with the myriad of regulations to inform clients and create easy solutions that are timely and efficient.   The entrepreneurial spirit embraced by our staff speaks to the company’s responsiveness and agility in meeting your needs.

    CSR understands today’s workplace, in both the public and private sectors.  Our efforts are based on regular and timely communications. Reporting measured can be as customized as your needs dictate—from highly detailed and precise to wide-ranging. The frequency by which these reports are generated is also yours to determine. CSR also understands the importance of efficiencies and will help clients reduce fraud, waste, and abuse through process reporting that focus on quality at every stage of work output.