Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Thomas R. Edgar

Thomas R. Edgar

Tom Edgar is President of T. R. Edgar & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in all aspects of human resources management. The firm’s primary mission is to help small to medium-sized companies increase their productivity and profitability through more effective and efficient use of their principal resource—human capital. A by-product of this mission is to educate management on the need to comply with the myriad labor laws to help avoid litigation and to promote a positive environment in which employees can thrive.

Mr. Edgar is the principal author of a Career Progression Program that was copyrighted several years ago. This program has been successfully implemented in over 100 companies throughout the United States, serving as a fundamental compensation system and as the architecture of each firm’s entire Human Resources Program.

Mr. Edgar is a Certified Compensation Professional, a designation granted by the American Compensation Association (World at Work). He also maintains active membership in the Washington Technical Professional Forum (WTPF); the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG); the Human Resources Leadership Forum (HRLF); and the Washington Area Compensation and Benefits Association (WACABA), of which he is currently president.

Mr. Edgar earned an undergraduate degree from Boston University and a graduate degree in human resources from Central Michigan University. He has also been an adjunct professor/instructor at the American University, Marymount University, and Virginia Tech.

Several organizations have called on Mr. Edgar’s extensive experience and qualifications and have engaged him to serve as an advisor to their Board or as a consultant to their Compensation Committee.

Board Members

Robert W. Neil

Robert W. Neil

Robert W. Neil has over 35 years of professional experience managing both large and small businesses. He specializes in sales and in building organizations that meet the project requirements of each company’s clients. Mr. Neil was Executive Vice President reporting to the CEO of CACI International, Inc.; President and CEO of Comprehensive Language Center, a company he founded; and President and CEO of TATC.

Mr. Neil began a career in computer programming with Delta Airlines, eventually accepting a position with CACI International, Inc. Within a year, he moved from a technical position into business management. During his 18 years with CACI, the operating group he managed grew from $500,000 to over $70 million in annual revenues. Mr. Neil then made the transition to small business owner when he started Comprehensive Language Center, Inc. After 10 years, he sold his company to TATC, signing a contract to manage Comprehensive Language Center for 3 more years. Before the end of the contract, he was asked to assume the responsibilities of President and CEO of the entire organization, a position he held until December 31, 2012. Mr. Neil currently serves on various corporate boards and is a consultant for local businesses.