Program Evaluation

Our clients operate in competitive environments. They demand accountability, which requires careful measurement of their performance. We offer a range of evaluation services: 

  • Conceptual frameworks that address clearly stated questions;
  • Studies that report on program processes, inputs, and outcomes;
  • Data collection through surveys,¬†focus groups, interviews, and document review;
  • Web-based system design to collect and manage program-level data;
  • Careful and defensible data analysis; and
  • Reports that contribute to key program and policy decisions.

CSR evaluates programs that operate at the neighborhood level and programs that participate in national policy reforms. These programs have addressed juvenile justice, disease prevention, family support and maternal and child health, literacy among children at high risk for school failure, patient participation in clinical trials, cancer health disparities, the prevention and treatment of violence (including domestic violence), alternative strategies to improve patient care in mental health facilities, employment and economic development, and livable communities.