White Papers: CSR’s Research-in-Brief Series

Now is the Time: The Public Health Response to Improving the State of America’s Mental Health System

The recent focus on America’s mental health care system is timely and necessary. It addresses a critical gap in our public health safety net—the unmet need for mental health treatment. CSR’s most recent brief identifies issues most relevant to the framework of the mental health care delivery system, makes recommendations for future research to address these areas, and suggests how health policy and practice may be informed through this research agenda.

The Jobs Paradox: High Unemployment in a Period of Unmet Labor Demand

Millions of job seekers are desperate for work; meanwhile, many employers can’t fill open positions. This brief examines the “Jobs Paradox” and evaluation of an initiative to match potential employees with employers. 

Using the CSR Fidelity Index©

One of the key hurdles in studying implementation during a process evaluation is how to empirically measure an implementer’s fidelity to the vision and design of the program intervention. CSR has developed a tool, the CSR Fidelity Index (CFI), to quantitatively assess how well program implementation adheres to the intended design of such an intervention.